Labour & Employment Law

We provide all our clients with services related to employment law and carry out projects connected with the introduction or optimisation of legal solutions for employment structures.

Our services include:

  • Supporting clients in the negotiations of employment and pay conditions in connection with entering into and terminating employment contracts, in particular managerial contracts for senior executives and key employees (we offer advice to business owners and managers);

  • Providing advice on the process of developing working time systems and introducing optimisation solutions for individual groups of employees and sectors. We work on such issues as a place of work, working time adjusted to an employer’s needs, business trips, bonus systems and pay bonuses, employees’ financial liability and employees’ liability for maintaining order and work discipline;

  • Developing internal employment regulations, including, in particular, work regulations and pay regulations, bonus policies, rules of corporate social benefits funds;

  • Developing model contracts for employees and non-employed associates as well as accompanying contracts governing the use of company property or training agreements;

  • Reviewing compliance polices of capital groups and introducing them effectively in Polish companies, in line with the provisions of Polish labour and employment law;

  • Advising clients on the transfer of employment establishments to a new employer;

  • Advising clients on employment restructuring, organisational changes within a company as well as collective redundancies;

  • Advising clients on special forms of employment (civil-law contracts);

  • Advising clients on incentive programmes for managerial staff and key employees;

  • Developing policies regarding the use of company cars as well as the development of model contracts governing their use;

  • Providing advice in respect of non-competition laws, the protection of business secrets during employment and after its termination, and workers’ copyrights;

  • Conducting legal audits in the area of labour and employment law and suggesting optimisation solutions regarding employees (including those connected with purchases and sales of business enterprises);

  • Representing business owners in proceedings before the National Labour Inspectorate;

  • Supporting parties to employment contracts in seeking out-of-court solutions to impending or existing labour disputes;

  • Supporting clients in negotiating and entering into contracts with temporary work agencies and during the creation of mixed employment systems (full-time employees and employee leasing);

  • Advising clients on the employment of foreigners in Poland and the international secondment of employees.

Our experience includes work in the following areas:

  • Preparation and maintenance of employee records for manufacturing companies. This has included developing solutions adjusted to the specificity of shift production and production that varies periodically over the year;

  • Provision of advice on mobile workplaces established under contracts with construction workers;

  • Introduction of new working and pay rules and regulations and model contracts for a company providing general contractor services;

  • Development of rules on working time control and employing sales representatives for a manufacturing company;

  • Provision of legal advice to a clothing chain on the introduction of working time system and bonus systems and the principles of liability for property entrusted to employees;

  • Introduction of new employment and bonus systems for the management of a subsidiary of a European concern based on solutions adopted from Austrian law;

  • Advice on an employee takeover during the sale of a spin-off company;

  • Provision of advisory services for a branch of a foreign company which operated as a stand-alone employer under Polish law;

  • Representation of a bank manager in a dispute with a bank; the process was resolved in a way favourable to our client.

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