Litigation & Arbitration

Our firm’s lawyers support clients in all kinds of disputes. We represent clients in all types of court and administrative proceedings and before tax authorities.

Our services include:

  • We determine the actionability of claims and prospects for a successful resolution of a proceeding prior to its instigation, enabling a client to take a reasonable and informed decision to engage in a dispute, which is based on the accurate review of law and facts of a case;

  • We support clients in the selection of the most suitable method of alternative dispute resolution and represent clients in mediation proceedings;

  • We represent clients in state courts at all levels and in arbitration tribunals;

  • We advise and represent clients in proceedings for the domestic recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and arbitration awards;

  • We represent clients in insolvency and enforcement proceedings;

  • We conduct non-litigious proceedings, in particular in property law cases;

  • We represent clients before administrative courts in proceedings launched to challenge unfavourable decisions of administrative bodies.

We have successfully conducted cases that involved, among other things:

  • Collection of commercial debts;

  • Disputes involving claims related to construction projects;

  • Liability of directors;

  • Disputes with insurance companies;

  • Contractual and statutory warranties;

  • Infringements of personal interests and industrial property rights;

  • Disputes between employers and employees;

  • Subdivision of properties and divisions and distributions of estates;

  • Indemnity disputes.

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