Trade Contracts

Our lawyers have many years of professional experience in drafting, negotiating and supporting all types of commercial and trade contracts for domestic and international B2B transactions and consumer (B2C) transactions performed by businesses from the manufacturing, trade, service and transport industries.

Our services include:

  • We draw up model trade partnership and agency contracts and model warranty documents used in B2B and consumer transactions;

  • We advise on the creation of distribution (B2B and B2C) contracts and franchise contracts;

  • We advise on claims trading and financing contracts (for both bank and non-bank financing, including leasing contracts) and on the establishment of security charges in financing transactions;

  • We draw up and review contracts and general conditions of carriage and freight forwarding services and terminal intermodal transport services in domestic and international trade in consideration of applicable conventions and conditions adopted by chambers of transport in Poland and other EU countries;

  • We advise on contracts and e-commerce rules and regulations as well as those governing the use of online B2B collaboration platforms;

  • We provide advice to clients across all sectors in respect of advertising, licence, third party liability and property insurance contracts and contracts related to waste management and disposal, machinery hire and property leases;

  • We review contracts and rules and regulations for abusive clauses, ensuring their compliance with provisions of regulatory laws;

  • We represent clients before administrative bodies in all proceedings related to obtaining permits necessary for carrying out a business activity;

  • We draw up and review rules and regulations of consumer competitions and lotteries in accordance with the personal data protections laws and provisions of the Gambling Act.

Our experience includes work in the following areas:

  • Developing contractual documentation (general contractual conditions, records of negotiations and notices of an offer’s acceptance) for the purpose of contracting supplies for investments made by contract owners;

  • Developing a model agency contract for a business offering trade agency services on EU markets;

  • Developing a geotechnical business’ general conditions of B2B services for Polish and foreign clients;

  • Developing a model distribution contract for an FMCG company (household chemistry manufacturer);

  • Developing contractual documentation used in consumer and professional transactions for manufacturers of construction materials and interior furnishing;

  • Developing full documentation of a non-bank loan agreement together with templates of instruments used to establish personal and real estate security charges and the procedure of their application, training employees in applying the new documentation for a provider of leasing services;

  • Reviewing and amending general and specific conditions of leasing services, multi-option leasing agreements together with the procedures of their application, developing the procedure of the assignment of contracts for operating and finance leasing and contracts for operating leasing as well as buy-back offers for a leasing company;

  • Conducting a series of training courses in consumer law, statutory and contractual warranties, and distance selling for B2C businesses;

  • Conducting a series of training courses in statutory and contractual warranties in professional transactions for B2B businesses.

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