• Małgorzata Cyrul-Karpińska

    attorney-at-law, owner of the firm

    Małgorzata Cyrul-Karpińska is a lawyer with many years’ experience in providing legal services for businesses and construction projects and broad experience in end-to-end case management.

    As a practitioner, Małgorzata has gained extensive experience in construction processes and contracts, real property, domestic and international commercial contracts as well as labour and employment law and company law. Her professional interests extend to the legal aspects of transaction financing, public procurement, transport law, copyright law and industrial property – the areas well documented in Małgorzata’s portfolio of completed projects. She has broad experience in applying legal solutions that require interdisciplinary knowledge and a practical approach to established objectives. She represents clients in administrative and court-administrative proceedings, as well as litigation under the jurisdiction of courts and administrative bodies.

    Between 2004-2011, Małgorzata worked at two A-list law firms in Warsaw. In that period, she provided comprehensive legal services for recognised chemical, food and FMCG manufacturers, as well as for financial and construction companies, advising clients in matters of business, labour and employment law and corporate law, transactions, and the financing and security of transactions. As counsel for a leading Austrian bank, Małgorzata conducted many enforcement and court proceedings in cases involving export guarantees and handled disputes concerning claims for damages. She advised in projects for the development of industrial sites and infrastructure and in housing development projects.

    From 2011 to 2013, she was the head counsel of a general contractor of infrastructure projects, responsible for supervising the work of 5 external law firms and overseeing 8 projects across Poland. While working in this role, she implemented end-to-end solutions that unified the company’s corporate, employee and contractual documentation and aligned the practices of individual units of its finance and operations departments as well as local branches.

    In 2014-2015, Małgorzata was outsourced by one of the largest law firms in Poland to provide comprehensive legal services for a project that involved the development of an intermodal terminal and to advise on environmental projects implemented as public procurement contracts financed by the EU. At the same time, she provided legal advice for employment law and corporate projects that combined elements of Polish law with measures from other European legal systems.

    Since 2015, Małgorzata has been focusing on practising law and providing counsel for clients in her own chambers. As part of this independent practice, she worked on major projects in the field of construction law, the law of commercial contracts, corporate law and labour and employment law, keeping up to the highest standards of legal services, in and out of court. Małgorzata conducts training for trade and construction companies, including dedicated in-house training.

    She is a graduate of Polish and German studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). Małgorzata completed a professional internship in Berlin- and Warsaw-based law firms as well as at the Polish Consulate in Germany. Having completed her attorney-at-law apprenticeship, she was admitted onto the roll of attorneys kept by the Regional Bar Association of Warsaw.

    Małgorzata writes articles and papers about law for managers and civil engineers.

    She speaks Polish, German and English.

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  • Paweł Szwedziński


    Paweł Szwedziński has years’ worth of experience  in providing legal services for businesses and construction projects.

    His primary field of expertise is contracts used in construction projects, including FIDIC contracts and the off-plan sale contract, with a special focus on abusive clauses. Paweł’s professional interests and practical experience cover subjects including security interests as well as statutory and contractual warranties used by the construction industry, property law, administrative and legal aspects of the construction process, the financing of construction projects and transactions, the commercialisation of properties, copyright law and consumer law.

    As a practicing litigator, Paweł has represented businesses in many court disputes, including cases concerning building works with a value in dispute amounting to millions of zlotys. He is an experienced negotiator with an excellent track record of successful settlements of property transactions and the financial reconciliation concerning payments for building works. Paweł also has broad experience in the judicial enforcement of claims and the collection of claims in insolvency proceedings.

    From 2006 to 2010, he learned the ropes of the legal profession as an associate of a reputable law firm based in Kraków, where he conducted a wide array of administrative and administrative judicial review proceedings. In 2011-2013 he was a named partner in a Kraków-based law firm that represented a general contractor of major infrastructure projects. During that period, Paweł also supported audio-video producers and oversaw the legal aspects of online sales platforms. From 2013 to 2016 he was a member of, a network of law firms, where he provided comprehensive legal services for property development companies and commercial projects in Kraków and Wrocław. Paweł also advised building product manufacturers, which included the drafting of a full package of commercial contracts for foreign companies entering the Polish market.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Having completed his attorney-at-law apprenticeship, He was admitted onto the roll of attorneys kept by the Regional Bar Association of Kraków.

    Paweł Szwedziński has served as an officer of the Bar, including as Deputy Ethics Commissioner of the Regional Bar Association of Kraków (2016-2020). He received a Silver Badge of Honour for the Outstanding Service for the Polish Bar Association.

    Paweł speaks Polish and English.

  • Dr. Barbara Sujak-Cyrul

    Of counsel

    Dr Sujak-Cyrul is a long-term lecturer and researcher at the Wrocław University of Technology. Since 2003, she has been lecturing a course in systemic quality management. Between 2005-2011, Dr Sujak-Cyrul also taught a course in shipping and transport law.  She is a quality management practitioner, working in the manufacturing, construction, transport and services sectors.

    Dr Sujak-Cyrul provides our firm with professional expertise in the areas of specialist technical regulations and quality standards, transport law and the interrelations between law and quality management systems.

    She speaks Polish and English.

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