Construction & Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in providing legal support for all types of building projects. We advise project owners, general contractors, specialist subcontractors, design contractors, as well as providers of contract engineer services and owner’s representative services.

We have provided legal advice for:

  • Infrastructure projects such as railways and roads, terminals, hydro-engineering structures, sports facilities, university buildings, scientific institutions, waste processing installations;
  • Commercial projects such as office buildings, hotels, processing plants, car dealerships, industrial boiler houses;
  • Residential development projects 

implemented across whole Poland.

Range of services:

  • We provide comprehensive legal support for private project owners at all stages of an investment project, from the moment an investment decision is taken to the time an occupancy permit is issued;
  • We offer full advice to general contractors and subcontractors throughout all project phases, from the tendering stage to the final settlement of works, and also provide support during the warranty period;
  • We represent contractors in public procurement tenders and other types of tenders;
  • We guide private project owners through tender and proposal processes;
  • We draft all types of contracts related to a building project: architectural design contracts, feasibility studies, advisory contracts, contracts for specialist services such as survey contracts, project management contracts, building contracts, general contractor contracts, subcontractor contracts, as well as contracts for owner’s representative and contract engineer services;
  • We prepare custom-made contracts for the delivery of materials and machinery for a given project or adjust standard contracts appropriately;
  • We draft and review contracts for the main facilities of a suprastructure, such as leasing or lease contracts;
  • We review all types of specialist insurance policies (CAR, EAR, subcontractors’ policies) and contractual securities (warranties, sureties, ways of providing financial securities);
  • We advise or represent clients in all types of administrative or court and administrative proceedings related to obtaining, transferring or amending necessary project permits;
  • We review claims made against project owners, contractors and design companies and advise them as to the risk that claims may appear at the stage of project implementation;
  • We represent contractors and private project owners in court and arbitration disputes concerning building works and provide assistance in reaching amicable settlements;
  • We represent clients in proceedings conducted by construction supervision authorities;
  • We advise clients who enter into disputes with insurers.


On request, we are able to present a constantly updated list of references. This includes dozens of infrastructure, commercial and residential projects we have advised on so far.

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