Corporate Law

We provide day-to-day corporate services for all clients. We communicate in Polish, German and English. We also work on projects involving transactions (transaction support services), as well as the development and structural changes of operations, carried out by business organisations.

Our services include:

  • Day-to-day support for all corporate bodies. This involves, in particular, the preparation and holding of annual and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders, changes of share capital, legal services for the management and supervisory board, dismissals and appointments of corporate officers and the drafting of managerial contracts with company directors;

  • Day-to-day support for all bodies of foundations, associations and cooperatives;

  • Advice on directors’ liability;

  • Advice on the most effective legal form of business undertakings and the drafting of company articles or partnership agreements that best suit the needs of a client; and also statutes, deeds of association and another founding documents of legal entities.

  • Provision of legal services for transformations, mergers and divisions of partnerships and companies, including managerial buyouts;

  • Transformations of sole traderships into commercial companies;

  • Advice to sellers or buyers in business sale-purchase transactions that take the form of asset deals or share deals, which includes reviews of the legal status of businesses offered for sale;

  • Provision of advice during asset sales, business financing and the establishing of security charges;

  • Handling of the liquidation of companies ending their business in Poland, including specific-purpose vehicles;

  • Client representation in registration proceedings;

  • We work with a tax advisor and a statutory auditor in order to make sure we comprehensively cover the interdisciplinary aspects of the services we provide.

Below are some examples of the projects we have provided advice to:

  • A spin-off of an engineering business line, which was formed as a company with shares acquired through a managerial buyout;

  • Transformation of a financial reviewer’s sole tradership into a company;

  • Acquisition of producer companies followed by a merger;

  • Acquisition of a family-owned company by a member of an international capital group;

  • Forming of Polish limited partnerships whose limited partners are limited liability companies (Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.);

  • Liquidation of SPVs controlled by Polish and international capital groups.

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